The Civil War OnLine (CWOL) is a turn-based, multi-player simulation of land warfare, naval warfare, politics, and finance during the American Civil War, 1861-1865.

CWOL contains four integrated modules: Rolling of the Drums(ROTD) focusing on land warfare, Wood, Iron, Steam, and Canvas(WISC) simulating ACW naval warfare, the newly developed economic module, Specie, Loans, and Greenbacks(SLAG), replicates the challenges of managing national finances and production in America's first industrialized war, and Constituents, Legislation, and Policies (CLAP), the embedded module that addresses politics, both internal domestic concerns and foreign relations. Also included in the various modules of CWOL are features that allow players to utilize, or ignore, riverine operations, engineering and fortifications, and the management of national mobilization (the first true instance of the "nation under arms" in American history). There are additional roles besides the obvious command positions for players to assume in playing the game such as intelligence chief at the tactical and strategic levels, chief of staff for field armies, newspaper editor, quartermaster, and blockade runner. The CWOL software suite is designed to not limit the player to pre-determined positions but allow the player teams to fashion their own organization to meet their goals.

For the eighth iteration of CWOL, all the following features are included:

  • ROTD, the land combat module, is complete;
  • WISC, the naval module, completed its user's test and is ready;
  • SLAG, the new economic module is unveiled as part of CWOL 8, and;
  • CLAP, the embedded political role-playing module, is included as part of the game.

CWOL VIII is offered, at no expense to the player, to further honor of the 150th anniversary of American Civil War. Use the link below to register if you are interested in playing.

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