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The American-Mexican War OnLine

Battle of Palo Alto

American-Mexican War Online (AMWOL) takes a new approach to a key historical event and conflict that shaped two of the major countries in North America. This project is sponsored by the Historical Online Learning Foundation (HOLF). AMWOL is a turn-based multi-player, multi-operational echelon game to allow players play and make decisions in the context of the regional situation. There are challenging military operations for both sides as AMWOL seeks to reflect the fractious political climate for both combatants. The bitter Whig (Zachary Taylor) / Democrat (James Polk via Winfield Scott) split on the American side and Mexico's challenge to overcome its fragmented national origin and operate as a nation-state.

American soldiers The US side will have a Taylor command team and a team representing Winfield Scott's command. The majority of American players will be regimental & brigade commanders or squadron commanders of the United States Navy.

The embedded politcal aspect of the game forces the American command teams to share resources and achieve demanding operational goals with changing amounts of forces and capability. The core of the American Army is its finely trained but limited number of regular army regiments. Supplemented by volunteer regiments of varying levels of availability and readiness, the American commanders must blend an affective military force while advancing through increasingly hostile territory.
Mexican soldiers
Mexico will have players operating as a member of one of its competing factions (Liberales vs. the Conservadores). The game design has the factions working toward attaining their own victory condition while one or a coalition of the factions coordinates the Mexican national response to the military threat posed by the forces of the United States. Mexican players have to balance what they gain through the central government's activity versus what their faction needs to achieve its victory conditions.

The game design will be based on the NWOL system - using the GITM land warfare system, the SOW economic & muster system, and a very limited version of PATE naval system to replicate the American amphibious operations by the USN on both coasts. The terrain will reflect the terrain types used in CWOL plus three new terrain types - Desert (completely arid; impassable to troop units), Jungle (for the Yucatan; also impassable), and High Desert (the unique semi-arid conditions found from northern Mexico northwest to Oregon; passable terrain but enacting a toll on unit readiness)

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