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American soldiers

American-Mexican War OnLine is now starting for 2017! Recruiting will occur through June 2017. Individuals interested in playing AMWOL need to submit a player registration at the link below. Individuals will be able to join the game after it commences play in late June / mid-July.

American-Mexican War Online is a turn-based, play by email, military and political simulation of the war between Mexico and the United States from 1845 to 1848. It recreates the conflict between the newly established republic of the United States of America and the fragmented states emerging within the newly (1821) emancipated colony of New Spain. The game presents challenging military operations for both sides as the US must establish its army in a distant land and secure military control of as much territory as it can, while Mexico must defend a large territory, vulnerable on both coasts, with limited means and transportation. AMWOL also incorporates the fractious political climate for both combatants, rooted in the bitter Whig/Democrat split on the American side, and Mexico's challenge to overcome its colonial origins and institutions, and operate effectively as a nation-state.

The US side includes forces located in Texas at the start of the war and newly raised forces available for amphibious operations. The majority of American players play regimental & brigade commanders in the United States Army or squadron commanders of the United States Navy. The political aspect of the game forces the American commanders to share resources and achieve demanding operational goals with changing amounts of forces and capability. The core of the American Army is its finely trained but limited number of regular army regiments. Supplemented by volunteer regiments of varying levels of availability and readiness, the American commanders must blend an effective military force while advancing through increasingly hostile territory.

Mexico has players operating as members of one of its competing national/political factions (Liberales vs. Conservadores). They must work toward attaining their own political influence and glory while one faction, or a coalition of the factions, coordinates the Mexican national response to the military threat posed by the forces of the United States. Mexican players must balance what they gain through the central government's activity versus what each faction needs to achieve its victory conditions. The game is played in three modules: GITM for land combat, PATE for naval combat, and SOW for economic and logistical resources.

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