AMWOL II Supplemental Victory Point Table

AMWOL Victory Conditions (supplemental point awards)    
  Title Victory Points  
Section 1: USA Manifest Destiny policy USA Mexico **
1- USA achieves:   (Points awarded to the controlling Frag)
  a- control of Alta California 50 100 (if MX)
  b- control of Baja California 50  
  c- control of New Mexico 50 100 (if MX)
  d- control of Chihuahua 100  
  e- incorporation of the Bear Flag Revolt territory  (-100) if not 150 (if MX)
2- Texas border is secured by USA:    
  a- At the Nueces River (-100) 100 (for each Frag in national govt)
  b- At the Rio Grande 50  
3- USA forces a treaty that establishes all wartime gains 200
* must accomplish 1.3a & 1.3b
  a- treaty forced by occupation of Mexico City yes/no  
  b- treaty action prior to 1848 national election season (end of campaign season #2) yes/no  
Section 2: Mexico achieves stability of its national authority    
1-  Mexico retains control of the Federal District by a national faction or coalition government   100 (for controlling frag)
2-  Rebellious states are returned to the Republic    
  a-  California (by seizing Yerba Buena CA)   150 (for controlling frag)
  b- Texas (by seizing Austin TX)  (-100) 200 (for controlling frag)
  c- Yucatan (by seizing Campeche) 50 100 (for controlling frag)
3- Mexico retains control of the Mexican Plateau region   (Points awarded to the controlling Frag)
  a- Guadalajara 100 100
  b- Leon 100 50
  c- Puebla 100 100
  d- Zacatecas 100 50
  e- Guanajuato 100 25
4- Mexico retains control of its major Ports   (Points awarded to the controlling Frag)
  a- Veracruz 100 100
  b- Tampico 50 100
  c- Matazlan 50 100
** chgs from AMWOL 1 in gold