PATE/AMWOL Ship Order Submission

Ship Identification:  Ship ID: Password:

Attachment Attach to Ship: Detach  Base: Base port:

Movement: First Sea Area: Second Sea Area:
  Move to Port:  Present location
Enter harbor Cruise outside harbor

Earliest time to move to port:
Start of turn
Between sea moves 1 and 2 End of turn

Move to any port with enemy ships  Move to allied-controlled ports with enemy ships

Sail alone

Contact Options: Pursue  Accept  Evade  Join Allies

Pursue/Evade: Minimum of  ships
Maximum of ships

Do not pursue into ports

Seek windward gauge Seek leeward gauge

Combat Options: Engage  Accept  Evade  Run past 

Engage at long range Engage at close quarters

Engage line ahead Break enemy line

Aim at enemy rigging Aim at enemy hull
In battles in ports:
Fight, then move to harbor/CW
Move to harbor/CW, then fight
Coast battle evasion and retreat to:
Sea area 
Either (highest chance to escape)

Economic Options: Raid enemy shipping  Protect friendly shipping  Ignore shipping 

Load: Number of stores to carry:  Do not make repairs in dockyards
Transports only: Units to load/unload:
(separate unit IDs with spaces not commas)
Supplies:Load  Unload

Email address for confirmation of order (optional): 
Last modified 2/22/19