PATE (AMWOL Variant) Ship and Transport Group Deployment Order Submission

Ship Identification:  Ship ID: Password:

Attachment Attach to Ship: Detach  Base: Base port:

Movement: Move To Sea Area: :
  Move to Port:  Enter harbor Cruise outside harbor

Move to any port with enemy ships  Ally-controlled ports only

Sail alone

Contact Options: Pursue  Accept  Evade  Join Allies

Seek windward gauge Seek leeward gauge

Combat Options: Engage  Accept  Evade 

Engage at long range Engage at close quarters

Engage line ahead Break enemy line

Aim at enemy rigging Aim at enemy hull

Economic Options: Raid enemy shipping  Protect friendly shipping  Ignore shipping 

Load: Number of stores to carry: 
Transports only: Load  Unload Units: Supplies:

Email address for confirmation of order (optional): 
Last revised 8-29-14