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Each side's Naval Minister, Treasury Minister, Prime Minister, and Monarch are authorized to recrew that side's ships. Ship captains and XOs may recrew their own ships as well. Recrew orders are valid only on peace turns, or when the ship is in a own-nation, friendly-controlled port during campaigns.
Enter the new total crew and Marines of the ships, and the list of ship IDs to be raised to that strength. For example, if you want 1st through 3rd French ships of the line recrewed to a strength of 600 men and 150 Marines, enter 600 for strength, 150 for Marines, and FR1SL, FR2SL, and FR3SL for the unit IDs. If the ship is below the listed strength, enough crew and Marines will be added to bring it up to that strength; for example, if FR3SL has a crew of 435, then 165 crew will be added to raise it to 600. If the unit is at or above the listed strength, no change will be made.
Flagships may not be raised above 800 crew and 200 Marines, ships of the line may not be raised above 600 crew and 150 Marines, and frigates may not be raised above 250 crew and 25 Marines. TR groups, additional crew greater than 100 crew per 1000 capacity, and any Marines aboard, count against the transport's capacity the same as infantry would.
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