PATE (AMWOL Variant) TR Group Split Order Submission Form
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Enter the the ship ID of the transport group you want to split, followed by the amount of capacity you want to send to the new TR group, and any supplies, stores, or units aboard the TR group being split you wish to have aboard to the new TR group. For example, if you enter "US1TR" into the "Split TR Group: " box and "4000" (do not use commas) into the "New TR Group Capacity: " box, then the capacity of US1TR will be reduced by 4000 and a new TR group, with the next number in sequence, will be created, with the same CO and XO as the initial one. ("Next number in sequence" means the one above the highest number currently in use. Example: If MX2TR, MX6TR, MX7TR, and MX9TR exist, then the new TR will be MX10TR. Americans can determine what the next number in sequence is from their Naval Ministry reports. Mexican states will not necessarily be able to tell what the next number in sequence is; ask the GA if you need to know.) If you type "100" in the Supplies box, "50" in the Stores box, and "US2LI US1HA" in the Units box (again do not use commas; separate units with a space) then that number of supplies and stores, and the named units, will be placed aboard the new TR group. If the new TR group does not have enough capacity to hold the transferred supplies, stores, and/or units, or the initial TR group does not retain enough capacity to hold the retained supplies, stores, and/or units, then the order will not be carried out.

Each side's Naval Minister, Prime Minister, and Monarch are authorized to split that side's transport groups. The CO or XO of a transport group may also submit a split order for his transport group.

Stephen Schmidt, 11/21/14