Processing Orders for Attached Transport Groups

In PATE, it is common for large groups of ships to sail together with identical orders. Instead of requiring players to submit the same order for each ship in such a group, ships may be attached to a leading ship. Orders send to the leading ship are copied to all the other ships attached to that ship, so that the orders only need to be submitted once. Attachment has no other effect on the game. It is solely a method of copying orders from one ship to another.

When transport groups are sailing together, however, they often need to send different orders because they are loading or unloading different units. Therefore, when a transport is attached to a leading ship, orders for loading units and supplies (the ones on the "Transports Only" line of the orders form) are not copied from the attached ship to the transport. Thus, you can send only these orders for each transport, then having the lead ships' other orders copied to the transport, rather than have to submit them for each transport.

Example: SP1TR is carrying SP3IN, SP2TR is carrying SP1MC and 30 supplies, and both are attached to SP1SL. The commander sends orders for a change of base, no movement, Accept contact option, and load 10 stores for SP1SL. These orders will be copied to SP1TR and SP2TR. Then the commander only need to send unloading orders for SP1TR and SP2TR. The rest of the order form can be left blank for those ships.