Sinews of War (AMWOL Variant)
Ship Build Order Page

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Warship build orders may be sent only on T15 of the first campaign. Transport group build orders may be sent on any turn.
Ship build orders can be submitted by a state's Treasury Minister, or by its Prime Minister or Monarch. They cannot be submitted by the Naval Minister unless he also holds one of the other three posts.
For port, enter the name of a port which is controlled by your state (it need not be in your nation). For number, enter the number of ships to be raised, or for TR, the capacity to raise (put "3000", not "3", for transport capacity of 3000). TR builds are limited to 10,000 capacity, or the capacity available in the building port, whichever is less.
For commander and deputy, enter email addresses of the commanders (it must be the same for all ships). If not entered, the Naval Minister will be commander and the Prime Minister will be deputy.

Maintained by Steve Schmidt, 12/5/17