Sinews of War (AMWOL Variant)
Land Unit Build Order Page

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City: Number to raise:
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Land units builds may only be submitted on T15 of the first campaign.
Land unit build orders can be submitted by a state's Treasury Minister, or by its Prime Minister or Monarch.
For city, enter the name of a city which is part of your nation and permanently controlled by your state. (US units can be raised only in US cities controlled by the United States. Mexican troops can be raised in any Mexican city but only by the state which permanently controls that city, and will serve the state that controls the city they are raised in.)
For type, select the branch.
For number, enter the number of units you want to raise. It must be 12 or less (if you want to raise 24 units, submit two orders). Unit IDs will be assigned automatically. Strength and batteries are limited to 2000 men and 1 battery for infantry and light infantry, 1000 men and 1 battery for cavalry, 300 men and 3 batteries for artillery, 1000 men and no batteries for militia. See the SOW rules for details.
For commander and deputy, enter email addresses of the commanders (it must be the same for all units). If not entered, the War Minister will be commander and the Prime Minister will be deputy.

Last updated by Steve Schmidt, 10/10/14