The Academy

The Academy teaches new players the basic rules prior to their first HOLF-sponsored game. This course replaces those previously offered as the Academy at St. Cyr (Academie Militare) and the Academy at Norwich. The Academy offers a basic course consisting of a self-paced knowledge course and a force-on-force game of short duration to exercise the new skills. The course uses the ground module of Civil War Online (CWOL), Rolling of the Drums  (ROTD), to teach the basics in map & situational analysis, entering the orders web forms for units you control, and interpretation of the reports received back from the game server. The most recent version of the ROTD rules summary can be reached here.

The Academy Course

Academy course is open to players who wish to play CWOL, AMWOL, and NWOL. The Academy course is designed for players who have not participated in a game yet. To ensure that your progress is tracked and you are enrolled in the end of course force-on-force cadet game, send an email to the Academy Commandant. Cadets are strongly encouraged to join the Historical Online Learning Foundation Players Guild (go here) where news of current and future CWOL games is announced.
Last updated 5-16-16