ROTD (CWOL) Academy Quiz #1

Enter your answers to the following questions, as well as your name and email address (we cannot give you credit for completing Quiz 1 if these are not filled out). Then click the Submit button to have your answers evaluated. You will need to refer to the ROTD strategic map to answer these questions. (Note that it may take some time for the map to download.)

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  1. What are the strategic map coordinates of the square containing Boston? 
  2. If Confederate 3d Cavalry (CS3CV) is in square J6-S4, and Union 16th Infantry (US16IN) is in square J8-S3, and there are no intervening units:

  3. Can CS3CV detect US16IN? Yes No
    Can US16IN detect CS3CV? Yes No
  4. If Union 7th Cavalry (US7CV) is in Gettysburg, how many turns will it take to march to Washington DC if it force-marches and does not carry supplies?

  5. One Two Three  Four Five
  6. If the Confederate 13th Infantry (CS13IN) is in I3-W0, and the Confederate 3rd Corps headquarters (CS3CQ) is in I1-W0, and there are 20 supplies stored in Columbia SC, will CS13IN be in supply or not? Yes No
  7. The Union headquarters for the Army of the Potomac (US1AQ) is located at Alexandria VA. The Union II Corps headquarters (US2CQ) is located at Fredericksburg VA. The Union Iron Brigade (US1IN) is located at J9-T4 and there are no other units present. Is the Iron Brigade (US1IN) in communications?
    Yes No