ROTD/EUWOL Order Submission

Unit Identification:  Unit ID: Password:

Strategic Movement: March: Path:  Entry square: 
  Make first move as strategic withdrawal Do not force-march
  March to battle March to allies March to enemy

Pursuit  Maximum pursuit steps

Halt on enemy entry
Halt on detection

Rail Movement
Destination:    Waypoint: Entry square: 

Tactical Movement: Destination:  or  city or  ford/bridge/pass Waypoint:  Phase: 

Do not enter fort
Halt after tac phase:

Engage Phase:  to 
Front Second Rear

Bombard Target:  Phase: 

Reactions: Support:  Target:  Radius:  Phase  to 

Intercept: Target:  Radius:  Phase  to 

Attack Type: Assault  Attack  Skirmish Evade
Defense Type: Last-ditch  Defend  Skirmish Evade

Supply: Carry Supplies: Source (CQ, Depot, or City):  

Email address for confirmation of order (optional): 
Last updated 9/25/20