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 May 2016
NWOL-5 started May 26, 2016.

  • Recruiting remains open
  • Apply at this link
  • Players can contact the GA at nwol5ga@holf.org to ask about registration and player positions.

 January 2011 to October 2013
NWOL-4 concluded!

    NWOL 4 ended in October 2013 after an extended game duration (approx. 34 months)
    This game set the HOLF endurance record for its players!
    • France was the winner among the Major powers;
    • Holland won in the Minors category, and;
    • Sardinia in the Fragmented States.

     May 2010
    NWOL-3 completed. Britain, Denmark & Mecklenburg win!

    February 6, 2009
    NWOL-2 Ends; Winners Announced
    • Major Powers Winner: France
    • Minor Powers Winner: Portugal
    • Fragmented Country Winner: Pomerania

    January 11, 2008
    Posted "Selecting Countries for Playing the Napoleonic Wars OnLine."
    Highly recommended for Newer Players

    December 23, 2007
    New version of website launched

    December 1, 2007
    NWOL-1 ends in French Victory

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