"Ride to the Sound of Guns"

The Historical Online Learning Foundation believes that learning is best done by active participation. We offer a series of multi-player simulations free of charge for those individuals who like to learn about history by doing it. Face the Old Guard, hear the Rebel Yell, or climb the walls at Chapultepec Castle. Be ready for a challenge. These games will test your mind as well as your grit. Will you be that brave grenadier? Or are you more of the wiley raider who rides circles around his opponents? Join us and find out.

Foundation Projects:

Napoleonic Wars Online (NWOL) is a multi-player simulation of combat on land & sea as well as diplomatic relationships between European nations during the Wars of the French Revolution and the subsequent Napoleonic Wars (approximately from 1793 to 1815).

The simulation encompasses the conflict between the major aristocratic monarchies of Europe and the newly established French Republic. Additionally, the emerging powers within the decaying Holy Roman Empire as well as several fragmented states and minor powers of Europe are represented. This simulation recreates the volatile and fluid situation that dominated the era of the French Revolution as well as the reaction of established powers to quell the rise of Republicanism and to restore the status quo.

Players have a choice of what nation-state they wish to represent and attempt to mold its fortunes to enhance its position among its peer nations and in Europe. NWOL is a multi-module game that challenges players to not only win on the battlefield and at sea but to conduct its foreign policy so that the nation prospers. Economics are included also as player teams have to master the balance of ambitions to resources.

Ultimately the question of who wins comes down to what player team and what coalition of nation states understand their situation and use the tools in the NWOL game system to accomplish their goals. This is not a beer and pretzels type of simulation. The winning side is characterized by good plans, coordination of effort, and the patience of knowing when to strike. Does this describe you?

American-Mexican War Online (AMWOL) simulates the conflict between the newly established republic (1789) of the United States of America and the fragmented states emerging within the newly (circa 1821) emancipated colony of New Spain. AMWOL is a linked game event for all CWOL iterations to give participating players the shared experiences and comradery that leaders of the American Civil War gained as junior officers in Mexico. Or you can choose to a leader in the factions of Old Mexico as you seek to protect your holdings, traditions, and vision of the future.

AMWOL uses a unique approach to the era as the internal politics of Mexico and the new American republic are represented in game play. The situation represented in the confides of the old Spanish colony of New Spain sheds light on the struggle for a national identity in what is now Mexico as well as the schism within the new United States for control of the national war effort. Players have to consider fractional interests within each national bloc as well as seeking to achieve the strategic wartime goals of each emerging nation.

But on the battlefield it is the feat of arms that decides the conflict. Can the small professional army of the United States augmented by frontier-spirited volunteers win against the European modeled armies of the states of Mexico? Can a dedicated officer corps bring victory in the first foreign expedition of the fledgling Republic? Will the numerically superior and well-equipment armies of the states of Mexico defeat the Yankees before they mobilize? Does the new American Navy have the organizational acumen and battle fighting skills to dominate both the Gulf of Mexico and the Pacific coast? That decision is determined on how you plan and adapt to the conditions you find in the campaign.

Civil War Online (CWOL) features components that demonstrate the rise of the second generation of modern warfare. The emergence of new systems on land (railroads, systemic logistics, more lethal weaponry), riverine and naval warfare. Additionally, CWOL incorporates the importance of industrialized economics, plus the unique elements of American Civil War era foreign policy. The complications of regional domestic politics for both sides is represented as well as popular historic accounts do not always illustrate the impacts of disagreements that occurred on both sides during the American Civil War.

Players have several options to choose from in playing CWOL. Will you choose to win the game based on individual achievements or will you tie success to the national government? Do you wish to serve as a Volunteer in the ranks? As a sea captain seeking to drive the other side from your shipping lanes or be one who seeks to close them? Will you be a gunner of a large caliber Columbiad seeking to stop river traffic or a mounted raider that seeks to spike the guns? Most of all, do you want to be the one who sings the Rebel Yell or the one who hears it and makes ready? Discover the complexity of the conflict that made the American Republic. Play Civil War Online.

European Unification Wars Online (EUWOL) stresses the rise of technologies that resulted in the Second Generation of modern warfare and their impact on the politics of western Europe. The impact of the technology of the steam locomotive and developed railroad networks, the bolt-action rifle, massed breech-loading quickfire cannon, and the first fielding of a neopyhte multi-barrel "machine gun" fore-shadowed the dominance of the tactical battlefield by industrial technologies for the next 50 years. EUWOL does not embed the dominance of the superior staff work by the German General Staff system. That feature is left to the skills of the players of the opposing nation-state teams. Can you and your comrades use the benefits of new weapons, the growing industrialized transportation and logistics systems to field a imposing field army headed for victory? Can you interpret the strenghts and capabilities of your forces to deploy and utilze them wisely. Or are you that leader who can only mimic the past and the glories of bygone era's?

Players Guild

The Players Guild of the Historical Online Learning Foundation is a worldwide community. It is the heart of the Foundation. All players become members of the Players Guild. The Guild hosts its activities on an interactive web site for all members to view. It is the venue where members of the Guild are informed of Foundation activities. Guild members are expected to offer opinions on the simulations hosted by HOLF as well as having their views solicited as events are planned, new simulations are designed, and current simulation products improved. Additionally, the Guild web site is where news and administrative announcements of game events underway are posted for all players to see. You can get a Players Guild account at this link